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The 80-20 Rule

The 80-20 rule talks about 20 per cent exercise and 80 per cent nutrition, in order to lose or maintain a healthy weight. While most mistake this the other way round. Many people easily spend £100 per month on gym membership in an aim to lose weight and get fit.  If only they knew the importance nutruition played in what they were trying to achieve. They could spend less time exercising, have more time for enjoying life and achieve even better results.  I got this the wrong way around for many years.  I ran and exercised regularly without achieving my body goal. I tried all the fad diets to no avail.  Then I discovered Herbalife.  And wow! It's a total game changer.


Stop Counting Calories & Step off the Scales

I'd hate to think of the time I've wasted over the years keeping a food diary, counting every morsel of food, logging my exercise.  Only to become frustrated when I'd either eat too many calories and end up in the red, or step onto the scales after a period of "being good" only for them to tell me I'd actually put on weight.  The stress of tracking calories and weight soon proves too much for most people.  That's why "diets" are unsustainable in the long term.  We need to change our lifestyle in order to achieve prolonged results.  And it all begins with the most important meal of the day.


Breakfast is the Key

A sustainable lifestyle change must start your first meal of the day.  A proper  breakfast should consist of all the key nutrients and vitamins your body needs. But who has the time in the mornings to whip up such complex cullinary delights?  That's why the breakfast plan is so sustainable.  It will not only save you time in the mornings but fuel your body with eveything it needs to stay full and energised until lunch time. Plus  by starting your day off right you'll feel more motivated to continue making healthy choices thoughout the day.


Basic Plan


  Formula 1 Healthy Meal Shake

 & Protein Drink Mix

Add 2 scoops of the Formula 1 and then

1 or 2 scoops of the Protein Drink Mix

 and blend with ice and water. 

The Protein Drink Mix acts as a 

milk replacement and boosts your 

protein intake. 

This will keep you fuller for longer and help you achieve your protein goal. It also tastes amazing and will hydrate you for the day ahead.

Ideal Plan


 Ideal Breakfast

This is the perfect plan if you struggle to eat breakfast and stay healthy throughout the day!Do the same as in the Starter Plan. Have your shake for breakfast but then add the delicious Aloe Mango Concentrate mix to your water. Try to drink at least two litres of water a day. Also have 2-3 cups of thermo tea (Herbal Beverage) throughout the day.  It's  healthy replacement to regular tea and coffee, it burns calories and gives you energy! 

Optimal Plan


 For Best Results

This is the ultimate plan if you are looking to lose weight and get serious. I was on this plan off and on for 6 months when losing my baby weight. You will replace breakfast AND lunch with a delicious shake.  There are lots of flavours to choose from to keep your shakes varied. My two favoutites are Cafe Latte and Banana Cream. You will also have two snacks and a healthy dinner. This plan comes with the the thermo tea and the Aloe Mango Concentrate for ultimate weight loss. 


Hi I'm Linda TIllman

I‘ve always been a big believer in that age is just a number. However I knew that if I didn‘t make a concerted effort to get my body back, after having two babies with in 18 months of each other at the ripe old age of 39, then things would go downhill quickly!  And wow.  Within a week of having two shakes a day, I had lost 11lbs!  Never in my dieting history had this ever happened.  I was so amazed.  Two years on I am still loving the products and how my morning shake fuels and hydrates me for the day ahead.  So much so that I am now a Supervisor for Herbalife Nutrition and run my own nutrition business. I now distribute these amazing products myself and support others in their weight loss journeys. Plus I am now in better shape then before I had my kids. I absolutely love the products and helping others achieve amazing results with with them.  All I can say is invest in yourself and try these products from the world’s leading nutrition brand. What have you got to lose? Feel younger, look younger and be healthier! Live your best life. x

Manchester Based - Shipping Worldwide

If you live in Manchester and need some face to face motivation, then I'm your girl! If you live further a field then the power of technology will ensure that I can give you the guidence that you need.  Either way you are not alone.  It's in my best interest to see you achieve your body goals, so this is a win win scenario!

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Invest in yourself, you're worth it.



"My  Herbalife Nutrition journey began when I was pregnant. I was blown away  by my friend Danielle Armstrong's body transformation. She was glowing  and looked absolutely incredible. I couldn't believe this was all down  to Herbalife Nutrition. I had always been fairly cynical towards  Herbalife & thought it was another FAD diet. However Danni changed  my whole perspective by explaining that Herbalife Nutrition is a  healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Lots of people were complimenting me on how well I was looking  considering I've just had a baby, therefore I thought it was only fair  to share on my social media the Herbalife products I've been using. I  have the Formula 1 shake for breakfast and I mix my Formula 1 with  Protein Drink Mix and water as this helps to reach my protein target and  to maintain or gain some lean muscle. I add the Aloe Mango Concentrate  to my water throughout the day as this helps to cleanse my digestive  system. With improved digestive health this can give your body to  achieve an all round better wellness result. I also love The Thermo Tea  and swear by this product, it speeds up your metabolism and burns  calories so the more you drink the more you shrink.  

It's fair to say I have seen incredible results since having Sunday,  my baby girl and I can't wait to see all your results too. I have never  felt so energized, toned, lean and healthy. The products work perfectly  for anyone and you can tailor make a plan perfect for you. As soon as  you order products we will welcome you into our client support group on  Facebook where we also share our exercise workouts and healthy meal and  snack ideas. It's an amazing group of people supporting and encouraging  one another and there's nothing better when we get to post our results. 

I'm so excited for you to all to start your journeys and I can't wait to help you achieve your body goals!

Lots Of Love Ferne xx"


Be Part of Ferne's Team

People have joined the team for many reasons, to simply earn an extra  income on the side or to eventually sack the boss and work from home. Ferne and Danielle have set up a hugely sucessful facebook support group. So not only will you have me as your initial go-to for all your questions and motivation needs, but you'll also have access to the Global Support Team page and forum. 

This  business is perfect for everyone and anyone, if you are a busy mum or  even work full time, this suits you. As soon as people start noticing the difference in your body from the Herbalife Nutrition products, you will already be off to a flying start. 

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